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LOL dolls: their universe in your hand

Universe LOL Surprise Girls

LOL Surprise collections catalogue

The LOL Surprise dolls are a new phenomenon in toys that has conquered the world.

Due to the large amount of scattered information available on the Internet and in order to get to know these fantastic dolls better, we decided to create this guide in which we will try to collect as much information as possible.

Click on the images below to learn more about each series or edition.

Series 6 Winter Disco

LOL Surprise Winter Disco Glitter Globe

Glitter Globe

LOL Surprise Lils Winter Disco

Lils Winter Disco

LOL Surprise Winter Disco Fluffy Pets

Fluffy Pets

Promo Winter Disco Chalet

Winter Disco Chalet

LOL Surprise novelties

LOL Surprise 2 in 1 Glamper

2 in 1 Glamper

LOL Surprise OMG Series 1

LOL Surprise O.M.G.

LOL Surprise Serie Sparkle promo

Sparkle Series

Series 5 Makeover

LOL Surprise Hairgoals wave 2


LOL Surprise Lils Makeover

Lils Makeover

Promo Serie Makeover Fuzzy Pets

Fuzzy Pets

Limited Edition

LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise

Bubbly Surprise Dolls

Introduction to LOL Surprise dolls

The LOL Surprise dolls, nowadays, are one of the most surprising and fun toys that exist for boys and girls.

Since my 7-year-old daughter, Alma, convinced me to buy some of them some time ago, I must admit that they have their hook and we still play practically every day with the same enthusiasm as the first day.

LOL Surprise Serie 1 Promo

MGA Entertainment, the creative company, launched the first batch of dolls known as LOL Surprise Series 1 to the market in December 2016.

Undoubtedly, they thought down to the smallest detail about everything our children expect from a toy these days.

It should be noted that in Europe the distribution is provided by the well-known Giochi Preziosi and that we can also find a collection of cards provided by Panini.

What does LOL mean?

In this context, LOL is the acronym for Lil Outrageous Little . It could be translated as Small Extravagant or Small Scandalous .

What does Napping mean?

At this point, it is more than possible that you have left a doll and in the collection sheet, just below it, the text Napping appears .

This means that it will soon be discontinued and it is very likely that it will no longer be available.

General characteristics of LOL Surprise dolls

They can be varied depending on the type of doll, pet or accessories.

  • Dimensions: approximately between 5 cm. (the little sisters). and 100 cm. of height ( the LOL Surprise house ).
  • Prices: range between € 7 and € 300.

Recommended age

The LOL Surprise dolls can be used safely by children from 3 years of age , although it is advisable to supervise an adult, up to 14 years .

Obviously the maximum age to play will depend on each person. 😄


As a result, these dolls provide our children with different psychopedagogical characteristics, such as:

  • Manual skills : First of all they will perform tasks that demand speed and precision of the movements of hands and fingers.
  • They improve their aptitude : At the same time that they will develop tasks with suitability or effectiveness. In addition, thanks to the skill they will end up acquiring, they will be able to perform productive actions correctly.
  • Imagination and creativity : “The essential is invisible to the eyes” said The Little Prince and with these toys, our kids will perfect two of the most important characteristics they have.


Since its inception, the dolls were released to the market by series and within each series there are different waves ( waves ) adding more dolls to the collection.

Each new wave comes in conjunction with the previous series adding new features and improvements.

In short, each series contains two different kinds of dolls and one of pets known as:

  • Tots : Older sisters.
  • Lils : Little sisters.
  • Pets : Pets.

In addition, as in any good collection that boasts, each doll has its level of difficulty to be acquired.

For now there are five different:

  • Fabulous
  • Popular.
  • Fancy
  • Rare.
  • Ultra-rare.

LOL Surprise Dolls Clubs

In each collection or series, the LOL Surprise dolls are grouped into what are known as clubs.

We can find all these and some more:

  • The Glitterati
  • Spirit Club
  • Athletic Club
  • Opposites Club
  • STEM Club
  • Glee Club
  • Dance Club
  • Glam Club
  • Theater Club
  • Spooky Club
  • Chill Out Club
  • Storybook Club
  • Retro Club
  • Nap Club
  • Pop Club
  • Art Club
  • Rock Club

The Unboxing phenomenon

Usually, from the beginning, they always come packaged in a sphere or ball.

Each sphere is wrapped with several layers and between each layer there is a different surprise.

During this process, clues will emerge about what you will end up finding.

Finally, when you get inside there are several bags that when opened, will reveal your surprise doll and accessories.

The emotion of a pleasant surprise

If to that, in addition, we add the constant illusion that our sons and daughters usually have to find out and learn new things, these dolls have the necessary ingredients to be a success as they are being.

To be surprised could be considered as one of the basic emotions of human beings and, above all, of the smallest ones that still have much to discover.

This means that children can not avoid asking:

  • What color will be the hair and the eyes?
  • What surprises will it contain?
  • Can I dress like her?

In addition, the kids also love these balls with surprise, and it’s easy to see why.

The illusion that you will not know what surprises will touch you until you open them and discover them.

Personally, we like them a lot because there are many different dolls to collect together with the other accessories that you can also get such as: the house, the factory and the slime .

Giving the big surprise as a gift

If you do not want to hang onto a Christmas present all year long, here are some fun ways to give the Big Surprise outside of the holiday season:

  • Be smart Wrap each ball in brightly colored paper, and hide it in place of the Easter Eggs. Not only will children love to hunt and find them, but they are healthier than sweets.
  • Reward your children. Use the surprises one by one as an incentive to get good grades, do homework, exercise or other positive behaviors.
  • Have a party. The Big Surprise is a great center piece for a LOL Surprise party, where guests can open, exchange and enjoy their surprises together. Any time of the year is good for a party.

What we like about LOL Surprise

  • They include many surprises inside
  • Great if you’re buying for 2-3 children and so be able to split the surprises evenly
  • Provide a complete experience if you use the bath bombs.
  • Includes limited edition accessories and dolls.

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