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LOL All Star BB Sports Dolls

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LOL All Star BB Sports Dolls Ultimate Collection Series 1

Did you miss some of the best LOL Surprise All Star BB fan players from the Series 1 baseball collection?

Introducing the ultimate LOL Surprise All Star Sports surprise! Find every character from both Heart Breakers and Lucky Stars teams in a box, which then transforms into a playground set for even more fun.

Now you have the chance to finish your collection as all 12 characters are all together in one box!

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Customization, creativity and fun to use

All Star

Get ready to play ball and unpack 8 surprises in each LOL Surprise All Star BBs ball.

These fan-favorite characters got a sparkly makeover and joined a fierce baseball team, because they all come with new uniforms and baseball-themed accessories.

Feed or bathe your dolls for another water surprise. And each doll includes its own collectible card that doubles as a backdrop.


The new ball has a slot to place the trading card behind your doll for a cute photo op.

In addition to the bright baseball characters in 2 teams, you’ll also unbox the ultra-rare Beatnik Babe, who is the umpire for your BBs!

Perfect for fun, creative and imaginative games for kids.

Sports Collection1

A Team with lots of surprises

Sports Collection3

The 8 surprises in each ball are:

  • Secret Message
  • Trading Cards
  • Bottle
  • Accessories
  • Fashion
  • Shoes
  • LOL Surprise All Star BBs. Doll
  • Water Surprise

Collectible dolls with accessories make a great birthday gift for little ones or a gift for any occasion.

Sports Collection2
Sports Collection6
Sports Collection5

Discover the LOL All Star BB Sports Team

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