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Amazing Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise Dolls

Presenting LOL Amazing Surprise

Amazing Surprise is the best unboxing experience where fans can discover 14 exclusive dolls, including 2 L.O.L. Surprise! fashion dolls O.M.G.

Amazing news! Downtown B.B. and Uptown Girl are opening a store in the city, but they need your help.

Their entire family, their pets and the fiery fashion of the stores hide around the city waiting for the box to open.

Follow the maze to pick up surprises, so everyone is ready for the grand opening.

Frontal LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise Dolls 2
Frontal LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise Dolls 2

What will you find in this release?

14 Exclusive Dolls
14 Exclusive Dolls Amazing Surprise

In a fabulous downtown landscape, follows the maze of numbered boxes to decipher surprises, including dolls, pets, fashion clothes and accessories.

Help the Uptown Girl and Downtown B.B. families get together so they can get to the big pop-up opening of their stores.

Amazing Surprise includes 2 sets of fashion store gameplay that connect to each other.

Reassemble the puzzle boxes to create a new urban landscape play space.

Blocks LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise
Blocks LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise

Which surprises will you discover inside?

Key LOL Surprise
Key LOL Surprise Amazing Surprise
  • 2 exclusive O.M.G.
  • 3 exclusive tots.
  • 3 exclusive Boys.
  • 4 Exclusive Pets.
  • 2 Exclusive Lils
  • Surprises and accessories.

Unboxing: opening the Amazing Surprise

Thinking of buying it?

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LOL Surprise Car-Pool Coupe

Car-Pool Coupe Dolls

LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise

Bubbly Surprise Dolls

Promo O.M.G. Crystal Star Dolls

O.M.G. Crystal Star Doll

LOL Surprise 2 in 1 Glamper

2 in 1 Glamper Dolls

Boys Series 2 cover

Boys Series 1 & 2 Dolls

LOL Lights Pets featured image

Lights Pets Dolls

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