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Bigger Surprise Winter Disco Dolls

Bigger Surprise Winter Disco promo

What is the Bigger Surprise Winter Disco?

Get ready to relax and dance in the disco with Bigger Surprise Winter Disco Dolls.

Discover in this limited edition the exclusive Winter Disco family, which includes a LOL Surprise doll never seen before! and lots of surprises.

Bigger Surprise Winter Disco outward
Bigger Surprise Winter Disco outward

What will we find in this Limited Edition?


This set includes more than 60 never-before-seen surprises, including an exclusive family of five dolls, an OMG millennial fashion doll with a support for costumes and accessories.

You’ll also find a boy from the Boys Series, a mascot from the Pets series and a little sister Lils, with additional costumes and accessories.

In addition, everything comes in a large, shiny case that can be used for storage, carried on the go and used as a handbag.

What surprises will you discover inside?

  • OMG Fashion with fabulous features and hair.
  • LOL Surprise Doll!
  • 1 Boys Series Boy
  • Pets Series Mascot
  • Sister Lil Series
  • Fashion Suits
  • Clothes bags
  • Shoes with their boxes
  • Hats with their box
  • Accessories and much more

A doll stand is also included, so you can make a fabulous pose with your family.

winter disco bigger surprise dolls fashion dress
Bigger Surprise Discover

Unboxing: opening the Bigger Surprise Winter Disco

Thinking of buying it?

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