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L.O.L. Surprise! Bike and Helmet

lol surprise girl bike - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!

Limited Edition Bike and Helmet

Ride in style with the pink LOL Surprise Bike and Helmet Limited edition. The handlebar basket has an awesome sticker with your favorite LOL Surprise characters.

There is plenty of room for toys and accessories inside the basket, making it the perfect bike for little girls and their dolls.

Balancing, coordinating and fun to use

Bike and Helmet

The fully enclosed plastic chain guard protects little ones’ fingers from getting caught and messed up in the chain and is also printed with the LOL Surprise logo.

The frame is made of strong, durable steel and is pink with fabulous star stickers.

Stabilizers or casters are included with the bike to help them develop the balance and coordination skills they will need to ride a bike without assistance.

A full-featured bike


The stabilizers or casters are easy to remove even when we are already seated on the bike.

The LOL Surprise! It has pink steel fenders to protect us from splashing puddles and mud.

The brakes are front and rear caliper brakes are equipped with a security system, plus the wheels can be filled with any air pump.

The helmet and the protection set are sold separately.


Features Bike and helmet

  • Steel frame
  • Fixed sprocket
  • Front and rear caliper brakes
  • Steel rim, air pump tires and wheel inserts
  • Removable stabilizers or casters
  • Fully enclosed printed chain guard
  • Stamped padded saddle
  • Steel front basket with LOL Surprise! logo
  • Rear luggage rack, front and rear mudguards and hood
  • Legroom 45-55cm

Discover the new LOL Surprise Bike and Helmet

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