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Boys Series 3 Dolls

lol surprise boys series 3 imagen destacada

¿Who are the LOL Surprise Boys Series 3 Dolls?

Discover the new fashionable Boys 3 Series Dolls from LOL Surprise

The most impressive brothers arrive with the Series 3 Boys Dolls.

Each character has a fierce style similar to their brother character, but with their own unique style.

Look for Sweet Guy, Sugar’s brother, Spicy Kid, Spice’s brother, and other awesome siblings, so you can bring the whole family together!

The O.M.G. Series 3 Dolls Collection

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¿What surprises will you find?


Discover the 7 surprises that each brother brings, they come with a totally unique experience when taking it out of the sphere.

You will have to slide the plastic to develop the photo and biography of each sibling, and also the first set of surprises.

The costumes come ready for you to take them out of their lovely clothing bags, their little shoes have their own box for storage and the ball can be used as a case.

So to reveal the brother we have touched, we will have to dress him up and put all his accessories on him, and he will be ready to reveal his great style to you.

Do you know the O.M.G. Lights?

Boys Series 3 Dolls

Find the ultra-rare character, Steezy, who is the first in his family.

Boys Series 3 Dolls Spicykid-en
  • A fashionable doll
  • Accessories
  • Fashion Suit
  • A pair of shoes
  • Case
  • Glasses
  • Soda Bottle
  • Set them up to pose for you so you can show them off anywhere.

With the dressing room we can even turn it into a reusable game for the brothers to show off their stuff.

¿What are the new brothers names?

Purple Reign
Bye Bye Boi

Unboxing: getting to know the Boys Series 3 Dolls

¿Thinking of buying?

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Boys Series 3 Dolls | Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
lol surprise boys series 3 imagen destacada

Discover the new fashionable Boys Series 3 Dolls. Each character has a fierce style similar to their brother character, but with their own unique style.

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