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Boys Series Dolls 1 & 2

Boys Series 2 cover
Boys Series 1
Boys Series 1 *
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What is the Boys Series Dolls?

If your little ones love L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, they’ll be super excited to meet the new and long-awaited Boys Series Dolls 1 & 2.

Here come the new kids and they bring us an incredibly interesting unpacking.

This new series offers us a wave of joy and fun, because underneath every layer of packaging there is some kind of surprise.

Launched in June 2019, this series has 8 boys who are actually the brothers of the other LOL dolls.

Collect them all and expand your collection!

Ball LOL Surprise Serie Boys
Ball LOL Surprise Serie Boys

What will you find in Boys Series Dolls 1?

Nightfall Doll
Nightfall Doll

In total, we can gather 8 different kids and each of them will have their own unique style.

Each of the children will have their own peculiarity: some can change colour in the water, while others can drink and pee.

In addition, the ball of the wrap becomes a cozy room, and can also be used as a doll holder.

And inside, we can also find a collector’s doll!

Each boy has his own distinctive characteristics:

  • Can cry.
  • He can drink and salivate.
  • He can pee.
  • Change colour in cold water.

Inside we can also find, a sticker with functions, bottle, clothes, shoes, the doll, a pen, clothes and accessories.

  • All these kids are very well finished… That’s right… each one has some very remarkable characteristics.
  • There are 7 surprises inside the ball.
    Each doll can have 1 different water surprise, there are 5 (shown on the collector’s poster).
  • These dolls are going to sell very fast!

Luao-Luo Doll
Luao-Luo Doll

What surprises will you discover inside them?

  • Secret message.
  • Stickers.
  • Bottle.
  • Shoes.
  • Luggage.
  • Accessories.
  • One of the new guys.

What are their names?

  • King Bee of the Glitterrati Club.
  • Sunny and Nightfall from the Opposites club.
  • His Royal High-Ney from the Glam club.
  • Smarty Pants from the Glam club.
  • Luau from the Theater club.
  • Do-Si-Dude from the Dance club.
  • Boy Next Door of the New Kids club.

LOL Surprise Serie Boys collection
LOL Surprise Serie Boys collection

Unboxing: opening up the Boys Series Dolls 1 Boys

Meet the new Boys Series Dolls 2

Discover the new favorite brothers Boys Series Dolls 2 of LOL Surprise

Each character has a similar style to her sister, but with her own unique touch.
Find Neon Guy, brother of Neon Q.T., Swaggie, brother of M.C. Swag, or his other new siblings, so you can collect the whole family!

We can also find the new ultra-rare character, Piano King, who is the first in his family.

What are the surprises in Boys Series Dolls 2?


In each ball of LOL Surprise Boys, there are 7 surprises waiting for you:

  • A sticker with a secret message
  • Stickers with water surprises
  • One bottle
  • Accessory
  • Shoes
  • Attire
  • Dummy.

Feed or bathe the doll to discover its water surprises, including color change!

The ball also becomes a case, a doll holder or a game.

Collect all 8 characters.


What are their names?

boys-series-2-piano king
Piano King

In total, the LOL Surprise Boys 2 series collection has 8 boys.

Piano King – Ultra-rare
He wears glasses in various shapes, golden hair and shiny clothes, he also wears silver wings. Doesn’t he remind you of Elton John?

Captain Q.B. – This kid plays football, so he needs a zippered helmet, chest protection, and the bottle is very similar to a football.

Dribbles – A popular kid, an athlete, a tennis player, with a pacifier, a headband, two bracelets so his hands don’t hurt.

Beach Boi – Another popular guy. This kid is dressed in a shiny suit and classy asymmetrical glasses.

BRO Cheer – Brown with brown hair and also an athlete. He also brings a unique surprise, with this boy’s water surprise he turns blond, and the blue suit turns pink.

WOD Boi – A super-popular boy

Neon Guy – Another Ultra-Rare Guy. It’s got very bright neon colors. It’s very hard to get!

Swaggie – Modern guy. Stylish suit, gold chain and gold glasses. Very stylish retro hairstyle.

Boys-Serie-2-Captain Q.B. Dolls
Captain Q.B.

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boys-series-2-the trio

Unboxing: meeting the Series 2 Boys

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Boys Series Dolls If your little ones love L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, they'll be super excited to meet the new and long-awaited

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