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Bubbly Surprise Dolls

LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise

The new Bubbly Surprise Dolls

They are already here! The new Bubbly Surprise Dolls, as if your daughters did not have enough LOL dolls.

Now they have released their latest and most fun.

We love all the little and funny surprises that come with it; We are sure that the heart-shaped fizz will reveal a limited edition doll and even a pet.

In addition, you will even discover six Pearl Surprise accessory balls.

We believe that your children will have fun with the kinetic sand portion of this surprise. They will have to dig into that strangely satisfying arena to find their prizes as the true archaeologists they are!

Where to buy it?

Therefore, once they find their exclusive doll and pet, if they add a little water; you will discover even more surprises.

Once they have finished completely with their unpacking, they can even use the case as a bag and game.

What is the Bubbly Surprise Dolls?

LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise Pink
Pink edition

Discover even more surprises with LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise !

Inside the beautiful case there is a huge perfumed heart surrounded by six surprise sand balls.

Immerse it in water to reveal your new LOL Surprise doll and your new pet.

In addition, remove the sand from the spheres and find additional surprises such as a suit, accessory or a bottle of water.

You can also use the water bottle on your LOL doll and your pet to discover exciting water surprises.

And once you have finished opening the box, you can certainly use the packaging as a bag and as a set of games.

What does it include inside?

First, the Bubbly Surprise dolls comes in two editions: orange and pink.

LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise orange open

Therefore, inside you will also find six smaller balls containing our accessories and then the second layer has our huge bath bomb with a surprise doll and a pet inside.

Interior of the LOL Surprise Bubbly Surprise Orange

The new dolls and mascots are Sailor QT, Sailor Puppy, Captain BB, and Captain Kitty.

Unboxing: opening the Bubbly Surprise Dolls

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