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Fuzzy Pets Dolls

Promo Serie Makeover Fuzzy Pets

¿What are the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets dolls?

The LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets dolls are the new mascots in the Makeover series.

Like the Eye Spy Series pets and the Confetti Pop 3 Series pets, they have many features of these series, plus some new extras.

The Hairgoals dolls of the Makeover series have hair, so these new pets are made of…

…you guessed it: stuffed!

Not like you think, though. MGA Entertainment, the creators of the LOL Surprise dolls, keep us on the lookout for these new pets.

Once again, here’s our guide about LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets so you can know what’s in them BEFORE you buy.

They are called Fuzzy because there is a thin layer of fuzz all over the pet once it is unpacked and taken out of the bag.

Because they’re part of the Makeover series, Fuzzy Pets have a pet “salon” theme and can also be washed.


You can wash the Fuzzy Pets mascot only once.

The fluff on the whole pet is temporary. It’s true: the lint disappears.

Once your little one tries to wash the pet, as the surprise package says, the hairs will begin to remove.

Then, for example, we will be forced to rub the rest so that the lint comes out in the wash and ends up revealing the clean pet.

Therefore, the pet should not be washed repeatedly.

Lint will begin to come off as soon as your little one uses soap, water, and a sponge.

The surprise package is a pink bottle.

The Makeover series is still unusual! There are no surprise balls for these pets.

The packages have a super weird shape.

In other words, the exterior is the same clay medium and light pink print as the other dolls in the Makeover series.

In addition, the real package takes the form of a bottle of shampoo for washing pets.

Wave 1 introduces Raccoon-stronaut.

It may be difficult to appreciate from the outside of the package, but Fuzzy Pets wave 1 features a new pet raccoon.

It’s covered in pink fluff, so it’s hard to say that’s what it is.

What do the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets dolls include?

Like pets in other series, LOL Fuzzy Pets has 7 surprises listed.

  • Mirror
  • Secret track
  • Bottle
  • Scooper Pooper
  • Pet Accessory
  • Shoes
  • Diffuse pet

But there’s really more…

Make sure you clean the magnetic sand.

The Fuzzy Pets dolls have other good surprises:

  • Small disc bathtub.
  • Magnetic sand.
  • Pet collar (or shoes) inside the magnetic sand.

An accessory, the pet’s collar or shoes, are hidden inside the sand.

Your little one can use the spoon to remove the accessory.

Unfortunately, if the shoes are the accessory that is hidden in the sand, it is a bit difficult to remove all the sand from the inside of the small shoes.

The easiest way to remove the sand is to wash the shoes and then wipe them with a small cloth or a damp cloth.

The sand in the box is kinetic, so it is tactile and moldable, to avoid problems and spills and keep the fun.

Sandbox is perfectly hooked to keep it in one place and the kinetic sand adapts to the footprints in the mold each time.

What is kinetic sand?

Kinetic sand is super cold moldable sand.

It has the appearance of slightly damp sand, but only sticks to itself.

That’s right, there are no spills or sticky surfaces with this sand.

It NEVER dries so your little one can use it over and over again when playing with their pet.

If your children like kinetic sand, you might consider buying them a portable box of kinetic sand.

Kinetic sand is the PERFECT alternative to play dough!

There are 3 new animals.

Until now, pets have included dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, horses, birds and other animals.

LOL Fuzzy Pets gives us 3 new animals: raccoons, monkeys and ferrets.

Raccoons and ferrets are not particularly pretty in real life, but somehow LOL Surprise highlights tenderness in everything.

Different animals have different surprises.

Unlike the Lil sisters, not all pets change their color.

Pets may change color, jingle, cry, or spit water like baby dolls.

Make sure to check the collection poster for your child’s pet’s water surprise.

And remember…

Only one of the water surprises listed is for that particular pet.

One pet won’t do both. Check out this information on color changes and other water surprises to get an understanding.

There are 18 pets in wave 1.

  • Jivin’ Kat
  • Bunny Champ
  • The Great Ferret
  • Ice Barker
  • Pup Swing
  • Neigh Majesty
  • Goo-Goo Mew-Mew
  • Bhaddie Monkey
  • Glitter Poodle
  • Yin Hoot
  • Shorty Kitty
  • Stage Owl
  • Go-Go Birdie
  • Wild Waves
  • Racoon-stronaut
  • Kansas K9
  • Eau de Splatters
  • Purrfect Shapes

Based on the collector’s poster, we can expect 20 more in wave 2.

Curiosities for LOL Surprise super fans.

  • Bhaddie Monkey is a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz.
  • Each of the members of the Storybook Club of the Eye Spy series is from the Wizard of Oz.
  • Bhaddie of the series Makeover wave 1 is also part of the story because this series is technically wave 3 of the Eye Spy series as well.
  • Kansas K9 is Wizard of Oz Toto, too.

Unboxing: opening the Fuzzy Pets.

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Fuzzy Pets Dolls | Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
promo lol surprise serie makeover fuzzy pets

The LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets dolls are the new mascots in the Makeover series. They're called Fuzzy because there's a thin layer of fuzz all over the pet.

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