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Glitter Globe Dolls

LOL Surprise Winter Disco Glitter Globe

What are LOL Surprise Glitter Globe?

Meet the stars of the new LOL Surprise Winter Disco series: Glitter Globe.

Discover 8 surprises including new loose hair with glitter.

Each doll comes in a beautiful crystal ball with a clear front to be used as a showcase.

For the first time, water the doll with the bottle, and you’ll see a beautiful, dazzling shine inside her hair.

Move them or even turn them upside down to see the amazing snow globe effect.

Plus, if you add water to the ball you’ll get another bright, colourful surprise – it turns into a snowball!

What will you find in this collection?

Figure 8

Collect the 12 dazzling new dolls that are ready for the Winter Disco, such as Snow Leopard and Sleigh Babe.

In the new series there are 11 shiny dolls and 1 boy.

All the dolls are divided into different clubs, a total of 6. In the new series there will be 4 regular dolls, 2 rare dolls and 4 very rare dolls.

Each L.O.L. Glitter Globe will feature 8 surprise designs.

The main feature of the new dolls is a ball that can be combined with other balls of this type.

Which surprises will you discover inside?

  • Secret message.
  • Bubble dummy.
  • Bottle.
  • Accessory.
  • Clothing.
  • Shoes.
  • Doll with shiny hair.

The dolls also include an additional water surprise, such as spitting and changing color.

List of surprises Winter Disco Glitter Globe
List of surprises Winter Disco Glitter Globe

What are their names?

Let’s take a look at all the Glitter Globe dolls. These are the names of the twelve new and wonderful characters in this series:

  • N.Y.Q.T. and Miss Snow from the Glam Club.
  • Figure 8 and Snow Leopard from Chill out Club.
  • Bashfue Q.T. and Bold B.B. from Opposittes Club.
  • Prezzie from Sleepover Club.
  • Sleigh Babe from Dance Club.
  • TinSel, On Pointe, Soldier Boi and Dreamin B.B. from StoryBook Club.
Collection LOL Surprise Winter Disco Glitter Globe

Unboxing: discovering the Glitter Globe

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