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#Hairgoals Dolls

LOL Surprise Hairgoals wave 2

What are the #Hairgoals dolls?

LOL Surprise Series 5 Makeover dolls, the series also known as Hairgoals has ALL on hold.

The series was previewed for the first time at the end of Series 4 Under Wraps Eye Spy.

Now, we have already seen the Hairgoals but there are still many questions.

Is it part of Series 4 or a new Series 5?

It’s time for the great revelation, because the LOL Surprise Hairgoals dolls have received a great makeover: Real hair!

From new surprises, through new looks, to totally new forms of unboxing, the Makeover series focuses on transformation.

LOL Surprise Serie Makeover Hairgoals
LOL Surprise Serie Makeover Hairgoals

10 dolls of the series 5 #Hairgoals dolls have hair!

Therefore, therefore, for so long we have been wanting LOL dolls with hair …

And now we have them!

LOL Bigger Surprise gave us a taste of life with dolls and LOL hairs, but those were wigs.

The hair in the series LOL Series 5 Makeover is really fixed to the head of the dolls.

With reasonable care, the hair will not come out and should last.

Hairstyles vary, but think of big curls, ponytails, pigtails, fringes, balls and buns.

Some hairstyles are more combed than others. However, we have met some people to get the pigtails.

Two of the LOL dolls do not have real hair.

Out of the dolls of the LOL Makeover Series 5, there are 2 dolls that have shine.

They are supposed to be rare, but prepare your little one for this possibility BEFORE opening the doll, so you do not risk disappointing yourself.

What are the #Hairgoals LOL Series 5 Makeover dolls?

We get so excited with the hair that we get ahead of ourselves. So, what is this series about?

Hairgoals LOL Makeover Series is a limited edition series that includes everything you need for a “salon day” of LOL.

In addition to buying a doll, your little one will get a lot of fun items for beauty games.

Is it the 4 wave 3 series or the 5 wave 1 series? Are both. MGA Entertainment, the creators of LOL dolls, have changed things with this series.

They did a preliminary version of the Series 5 at the end of Series 4. Discarded all the fans of the LOL dolls and fueled the online speculation.

The LOL Series 5 #Hairgoals dolls package is a pink hair can.

We love the thought that goes into some of the little touches with the LOL dolls.

The dolls of the Makeover series come in a capsule that looks like a lacquer for pink hair that has to do with the theme of the salon / spa.

The upper part comes off like a real can of hairspray.

What does #Hairgoals dolls include?

Discover the 15 surprises that includes:

  • Magic mirror.
  • Secret message.
  • Hair clip stickers.
  • Living room chair
  • Hair rollers.
  • Hair comb.
  • Bottle.
  • Fashion accessory.
  • Mysterious costumes
  • Suit.
  • Shoes.
  • Hairgoals doll.


  • Lacquer pot 4 in 1: the pot can be transformed into a lounge chair, a showcase, a doll stand and a bag.
  • Real hair: many different hair colors and fabulous styles.
  • Change of color: each doll has an extravagant surprise when wetting it and the Hairgoals dolls with real hair change color.

Read these tips so you do not miss any surprises!

  • The secret message and the adhesive labels on the fork stick to the outside of the aerosol can after unwrapping it.
  • Hair curlers are for your little one. The doll will not fit.
  • There is a comb inside a hair curler and a bottle inside the other.
  • The surprises of mystery costume 1-4 are what the doll is already wearing!Carefully remove gloves, shoes, mask and equipment so your child can use them later.
  • Watch the first video below to see how to turn the aerosol can into a lounge chair.
Colección LOL Surprise Serie Makeover Hairgoals
Colección LOL Surprise Serie Makeover Hairgoals

There are 12 new dolls in the Makeover series (so far).

  • Queen of glamor
  • Queen shimone
  • Yang QT
  • Your Majesty
  • Snow Bunny
  • Bhaddie
  • Sk8er Grrrl
  • Miss jive
  • Daring daring
  • Go baby
  • Splashes
  • Witch babay

This collection of the Makeover series includes 12 dolls: 10 with real hair and 2 rareGlitterati with shiny hair.

Almost all tots dolls change color.

We love a good color change and so do the Hairgoals. Almost all the dolls of the tots in the series change color as surprise in the water.

The two dolls Glitterati, Glamor Girl and Shimone Queen, do NOT change color. Their aquatic surprises are crying and tinkling, respectively.

Although the dolls of the Makeover series change color THE HAIR DOES NOT. According to the instructions for the dolls, you should not wet the hair. It will not stay nice and nice if you do it.

2 dolls tots are different from the rest!

We’ve been implying this, but the Hairgoals dolls are very different from the rest. Glamor Queen and Shimone Queen are part of The Glitterati Club. They come in gold, instead of pink, hair spray cans.

Neither doll has hair, but they shine like the other Glitterati dolls. Both are rare, so wait and pray that you do not have one if you want a doll with hair.

At this time, there is no way to know before opening the package if you have one with hair. We will keep you informed if we find a method.

Here are some curiosities for Super Fans of LOL:

  • Technically, Hairgoals Makeover Series is wave 3 of Series 4 and Series 5 wave 1. It was featured on the Series 4 poster. Hairgoals dolls also have mystery costumes like other Under Wraps tots. In addition, their numbers are inserted in series 4.
  • Hairgoals has the second doll inspired by Michael Jackson. Shimone and Thrilla are from the 4 wave 2 series. MGA must LOVE Michael Jackson.
  • Glamor Queen is inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Her outfit is similar to the one Marilyn Monroe wore in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but her stance is from the movie The Seven Year Itch.
  • Oops Baby is inspired by Britney Spears. The name is from the song Oops I Did It Again, but the costume is from the Baby One More Time video.
  • Sk8er Grrrl is the older sister of Lil Sk8er Boi, a younger brother.

Unboxing: opening the #Hairgoals

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#Hairgoals Dolls | Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
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It's time for the great revelation! LOL Surprise Series 5 Makeover dolls, the series also known as Hairgoals, has ALL on hold and focuses on transformation.

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