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J.K. Series 1 Dolls

lol surprise jk serie 1 imagen destacada - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!

J.K. Series 1 Dolls Mini Fashion. Discover the 15 great surprises that come with L.O.L. Surprise dolls J.K.!

These favorite fan characters now have real, stylish hair, real clothes and real, tall shoes. Can you collect them all?

The J.K. Series 1 is the mini version of the LOL O.M.G. Series 1.

lol surprise jk serie 1 completa - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
J.K. Series 1 Dolls

¿Who are the members of the J.K. Series 1 Dolls?


The favorite character of style and fashion, Diva, is back, but she has made up fiercely and is ready to walk the catwalk.

Diva went to the hairdresser’s and now she has real hair, a fashionable hairstyle with a pair of high shoes.

She comes with a totally unique experience of unpacking into a shocking accordion-shaped package that makes her picture look taller or shorter as you move the box.

Slide the back panel to reveal your mini doll, then open the side to reveal her surprises, and she’s ready for you to unpack her clothing bags, shoe box and hat box.

Dress Diva in her fierce suit and high-heeled boots. Have her take a pose to show off at her included doll stand. Also her package becomes a costume set.

M.C. Swag

M.C. Swag, is back, and has made up for the catwalk.

J.K. Series 1 Dolls MC Swag comes with dark skin, a pale red face and spectacular red lips.

He also has light green eyes and has platinum blond hair with braids and the rest of his hair tucked under a red cap.

She wears a red and white suit and has Baby 01 written in white.

Besides this she wears a white and black jacket, she wears golden boots with a black ring on top and wonderful glasses.

Neon Q.T.

Neon Q.T. has light brown skin and a pink lip color with a slight touch of red.

Her eyes are blue and are hidden behind large heart-shaped sunglasses.

His orange hair is pulled up into a high ponytail, with his golden fringe falling in front of his head.

He wears a long-sleeved neon-colored shirt that matches a short-sleeved green sweatshirt, a fuchsia skirt with orange bows and a frilly petticoat.

Her neon yellow and black boots are combined with white socks with flounces and yellow and pink striped socks.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Queen Bee is one of the rare LOL dolls in the Series 1.

She is part of the Glitterati club and has a little sister named Lil Queen Bee.

She also has a twin brother named King Bee and an older sister named Royal Bee.

Queen Bee has a pet called Pup Bee.

She has brown skin and brown eyes, her lips are golden and her cheeks are blushed.

With her bright golden hair you can make big swollen bows, put her short bangs over her eyes.

She wears a dress with black and golden shiny stripes that come along with her boots.

JK Serie1 Diva - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
J.K. Series 1 Dolls
M.C. Swag
JK Serie1 Neon QT - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
Neon Q.T.
JK Serie1 Queen Bee - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
Queen Bee
J.K. Series 1 Dolls Set
J.K. Series 1 Dolls

Unboxing: Getting to know the J.K. Series 1 Dolls

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▷ J.K. Series 1 Dolls ▷ Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
lol surprise jk serie 1 imagen destacada - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!

J.K. Series 1 Dolls Mini Fashion. Discover the 15 great surprises that come with L.O.L. Surprise dolls J.K.! Can you collect them all?

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