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Lights Glitter Dolls

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Unbox 8 surprises including all new black light surprises.

Presenting the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter Dolls

The amazing LOL Lights Glitter Dolls are here, a new magic and super bright series thanks to its special flashlight.

Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Discover the new Ultra-Rare Doll, its name is Drip Drop and it has a unique pattern inspired by the 90s.

You’ll see how your LOL’s become fluorescent!

Front LOL Lights Glitter Ball
Front LOL Lights Glitter Ball

What will you find in this series?

3 LOL Lights Glitter
3 LOL Lights Glitter

In this series we can find 12 different dolls to collect and each one comes with some cool surprises.

There are 8 surprises in total and you will have fun discovering them all!

Each doll comes with cool glow features that are totally unique.

When we put the black light on the doll, it will reveal some amazing surprises.

Fyre before and after
Fyre before and after

Which surprises will you discover inside?

The new Lights Glitter series features 12 new dolls each with eight surprises included:

  • Secret message
  • Bottle
  • Black light flashlight
  • Fashion accessories
  • Suit
  • Shoes
  • Surprise water
  • Exclusive doll
The 8 surprises of LOL Lights Glitter
The 8 surprises of LOL Lights Glitter

What are their names?

Collector's Guide LOL Lights Glitter
Collector’s Guide LOL Lights Glitter

Download the collector’s guide

Glam Club:

  • Cadet.
  • Harlequin Girl.
  • Gala Q.T.

Opposites Club:

  • Fyre.
  • Ice.

Art Club:

  • Drip Drop.
  • Optical.
  • Surreal Baby.

Swim Club:

  • Yacht B.B.
  • In Sync.

Dance Club:

  • Jammin’.
  • Dance Bot
LOL Lights Glitter Collection
LOL Lights Glitter Collection

Unboxing: meeting the Lights Glitter

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