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Lights Pets Dolls

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Introducing the LOL Surprise Lights Pets Dolls

We continue to report on the latest LOL Lights Pets Dolls news from Universo LOL Surprise!

We have already talked about the new dolls of the Lights collection: the LOL O.M.G. Lights and the LOL Lights Glitter.

Of course, the Lights Pets also share the common aspect of this whole series.

We refer to the presence of a functional UV flashlight complementing the toy.

Since only with the ultraviolet light we can appreciate the surprise of each pet LOL Surprise.

Although the main surprise for these pets is the presence of spectacularly real hair, like that of the dolls in the #Hairgoals series.

That’s right, many #Hairgoals dolls will finally have a pet

Front Ball LOL Lights Pets
Front Ball LOL Lights Pets

What will we find in this series?

3 LOL Lights Pets
N.Y.C. Doggie, Rainbow Wings y E.D.M. Scratch.

In this release of the Lights Pets you can collect up to 12 new pets.

Eight of them match some dolls from the fifth series of LOL Surprise.

Do you want to know who the other four pets are?

Each pet is covered with fur. Take off a coat to see which of all the pets you have encountered.

You can then reuse the hair to create and combine different styles using hair parts repeatedly.

Watch the special surprise glowing in the dark with the special flashlight.

NYC Doggie before and after
NYC Doggie before and after

Which surprises will you uncover inside?

Lights Pets will come in balls and, inside each ball, 9 surprises will be waiting for you.

  1. Secret message.
  2. Hair clips.
  3. Black light.
  4. Bottle.
  5. Hairbrush.
  6. Accessory.
  7. Shoes.
  8. Extra long coat.
  9. Lights Pet with real hair.
The 9 surprises of the LOL Lights Pets Dolls
The 9 surprises of the LOL Lights Pets

What are their names?

Collector's Guide LOL Lights Pets
Collector’s Guide LOL Lights Pets Dolls

Download the collector’s guide

The Gliteratti:

  • Pony Dancer.
  • Purple Dove.

Elektro Club:

  • E.D.M. Scratch.
  • Rainbow Wings.

Opposites Club:

  • Frilly Kitty.
  • Robo Kitty.
  • Metal K.T.
  • Country Critter.

Retro Club:

  • N.Y.C. Doggie.
  • Valley P.U.

Glam Club:

  • Prom Bunny.
  • Tough Woof.
LOL Lights Pets Collection
LOL Lights Pets Collection

Unboxing: meeting the Lights Pets Dolls

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The Lights Pets Dolls also share the common aspect of this whole series. With the ultraviolet light we can appreciate the surprise of each pet.

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