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LOL Surprise Lils Makeover Dolls

LOL Surprise Lils Makeover

What are the LOL Surprise Lils Makeover dolls?

For the LOL Surprise Lils Makeover dolls Series 5, MGA is changing everything again.

In previous series, the little sisters were released around the same time as the older sisters and had their own balls.

For this series, MGA has launched Lils Makeover putting all potential small brothers in a surprise.

This is our guide for parents of the Makeover Series of Lils so you can know before buying and thus control the expectations of your child.

Where to buy Lils Makeover?

What do the Lils Makeover dolls include?

Unlike the previous series, all have been grouped in one package.

We’ll give you all the names later, but your little one can get one of the 6 Lil sisters, 2 Lil brothers or 10 Lil pets.

Pets can be dogs, cats, birds, hamsters or rabbits.

Lil sisters and brothers and pets are grouped in a single surprise cylinder.

That’s right, in this new series we can get a little sister, a little brother or a pet. And we will not know which one!

The container does not indicate which person or animal is inside because there is a pet on one side and a baby on the other.

Make sure you also handle your expectations in advance.

There are more pets than dolls in these little cylinders, so there is a good chance that you will get a Lil pet.

The surprise package is a large pink cylinder

LOL Surprise Lils Makeover
LOL Surprise Lils Makeover

The Lils Series 5 are part of the Makeover Series, so they continue the theme.

The cylinder looks like all the other packages in the Makeover series with a light pink and pink clay print.

Why is it a cylinder and not a ball?

The cylinder is actually a big hair curler … so adorable.

Series 5 Lils is also the first package that includes 2 linduras in the front.

One side has Lil Jet Set QT, the little sister of Jet Set QT of #OOTD Outfit of the Day ( completely worth buying by the way ).

The other side features your pet rabbit, Jet Set Hop Hop.

They contain 5 surprises

If your little one likes the LOL Surprise, you will already know the 5 surprises for the Lils:

  • Surprise sticker for water.
  • Sticker with secret message.
  • Shoes.
  • Accessory.
  • Doll.

Also included is an image change mirror that is the same as the cylinder.

There are 2 new brothers

We also love the little brothers LOL. They are super cute and also a little less controversial than guys like Punk Boi or Scribbles.

This series brings 2 other new guys, both at Athletic Club.

Lil Caddy Boi is the little brother of Caddy Cutie from the series Under Wraps Eye Spy wave 1.

Lil Bro Cheer is the brother of Sis Cheer from the series Under Wraps Eye Spy wave 2.

The Lil Pets are not full size

With Lils Makeover it is also the first time that pets are released as independents.

The pets are the same as those of the “pet babies” found in the Biggie Pets. That is, they are small pets.

Unlike full-size pets, Lil pets do not come with kinetic sand, sandbox or pet bed.

If your little one is more than the full size version, check out the hairy washable pets of this series: the Fuzzy Pets.

Everyone changes color

That is, like the Lils that have come before, all the little sisters, brothers and lil pets in this series change color.

Therefore, most change in cold water, except Cuervo Bonito and Pup in the Woods, which change in hot water.

There are 18 in total in the wave 1

6 little sisters:

  • Lil Agent Baby
  • Lil Leading Baby
  • #Lilinstagold
  • Her Lil Majesty
  • Lil Jet Set QT
  • Lil Pharaoh Babe

2 little brothers:

  • Lil Caddy Boi
  • Lil Bro Cheer

10 pets:

  • Agent Purr
  • Pup in the Woods
  • #Instabunny
  • Jet Set Hop Hop
  • Pup Cheer
  • Oops Ham
  • Fierce Meow
  • Cuervo Bonito
  • Witchay Kittay
  • Hammy Tide

Unboxing: opening the Lils Makeover

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