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Lils Winter Disco Dolls

LOL Surprise Lils Winter Disco

Introducing Lils Winter Disco Dolls

The Lils Winter Disco Dolls are the little sisters of the new 6th series, who will surprise us all as usual with what we will find inside.

Each ball has an updated design. A feature of the Winter Disco series is that toys can be stored in specially designed prismatic balls that are included in the kit.

The most original thing about the Winter Disco series is that we will be able to connect the balls of both Glitter Globe, Fluffy Pets and Lils to each other to create a beautiful snowman.

With the stickers that we will find inside, they will be useful to decorate the ball and give it the shape of the face.

What will you find in this collection?

Jr Prom Princess
Jr Prom Princess

In each ball, we can get a Lil Sister, a Lil Pet, and even a lovely Lil Brother.

The Lil Pets in this series come with fake fur, just like Fluffy Pets, so you’ll have to remove it to be able to properly appreciate how they really are.

Then we must add water to achieve the famous color change.

Each Lil, like the rest of the series, comes in a beautiful crystal ball with a clear front so we can use it as a showcase.

Which surprises will you uncover inside?

No matter who you find, one thing is for sure. There will be 5 different surprises to enjoy in each. Some of the surprises include super fun stuff like:

  • Secret message.
  • Stickers.
  • 2 accessories.
  • Lil doll.
Surprises List Lils Winter Disco

What are their names?

Let’s see the collector’s guide. This series is made up of twelve dolls and then they are broken down by name and Club to which they belong:

  • Lil Glamour Queen and The Kitten of the Gliterati Club.
  • Lil Swag Boi, Lil Rainbow Raver and Bun E.D.M. of the Glee Club.
  • Pawfect 10 and Lil Pins of the Athletic Club.
  • Metal Claws and Lil Twang Dude from Opposites Club.
  • Grr Majesty, JR Prom Princess and Tough Monkey of the Glam Club.

Now we will see how they have been distributed depending on the type:

  • 4 Lil Sisters.
  • 6 Lil Pets.
  • 2 Lil Brothers.

Of which there is one Ultra-Rare, one Rare, three Fancy and seven Popular.

Lils Winter Disco collection with fur
Lils Winter Disco collection with fur
Lils Winter Disco collection without fur
Lils Winter Disco collection without fur

Unboxing: opening the Lils Winter Disco

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