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O.M.G. Crystal Star Doll

Promo O.M.G. Crystal Star Dolls

Who’s the O.M.G. Crystal Star?

The O.M.G. Crystal Star doll is one of a kind.

This exquisite fantasy doll is the sister of Crystal Queen, the Tot of the Glitterati club and the first of the Series 1.

It oozes crystals from head to toe, from its shimmering reflections and crystal cheeks to its luxurious accessories.

She’ll be onstage to premiere her first album at the fabulous winter nightclub with all her B.B.S!

Frontal Crystal Star Dolls
Frontal Crystal Star Dolls

What will we find in this edition?

OMG Star
OMG Winter Disco Crystal Star Doll

Get ready for the party with shiny snow, sparkling ice sculptures and, of course, the most daring fashion.

Their main costume models include a shiny crystal jumpsuit and a skirt full of platinum sequins.

You can parade around her stage with bright lights and pose on her doll stand enhanced by a disco ball.

She has stunning pink hair with shimmering reflections, shimmering eyeshadow and crystal-clear cheeks.

What surprises will you discover inside?

Back Crystal Star
Back O.M.G. Crystal Star

Attractive accessories highlight what a true queen is with a crystal tiara, platform heels, earrings, belt and purse.

  • Includes exclusive fashion doll.
  • Fashionable clothes.
  • Crystal Tiara.
  • Luxury shoes.
  • Chic handbag.
  • A brush.
  • Luxury stage.
  • Support for dolls.
  • Disco ball.
OMG Crystal Star
OMG Crystal Star Doll

Unboxing: parading with Crystal Star

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O.M.G. Crystal Star