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LOL Surprise O.M.G. Dolls

LOL Surprise OMG Series 1

What are LOL Surprise O.M.G.?

The new LOL Surprise O.M.G. are the teenage sisters of our beloved dolls.

They stand out from the crowd and write their own set of rules because they’re here to surprise the world.

There are four LOL Surprise OMG dolls available, including:

  • Lady Diva, Diva’s older sister.
  • Neonlicious, Neon QT’s older sister.
  • Royal Bee, Queen Bee’s older sister.
  • Swag, MC Swag’s older sister.
The 4 LOL OMG dolls of series 1
The 4 LOL OMG dolls of series 1

What will you find in this collection?

Royal Bee Box
Royal Bee Box

The packaging features a box that transforms into a reusable wardrobe set.

Slide the package to reveal the silhouette, biography and, of course, the first series of wrist surprises!

Her garments are wrapped in new, reusable packaging, creatively designed as clothing bags, hat boxes and shoe boxes.

Attire includes details such as real studs and layered fabrics, rather than being painted.

What surprises will you discover inside?

20 surprises including accessories such as earrings, bracelets, shoes, glasses, choker collar, brush, pockets, suit, fashion magazine, wrist support, two hangers, a mirror and more.

  • They come with earrings.
  • They have real hair.
  • They bring a lot of accessories.
  • They also bring costumes.
  • They have shoes.
  • He’s got a mirror.
  • A wardrobe.
  • They come with their own fashion magazine.
  • They have a shoe box.
  • A dressing room for your clothes.
  • The box itself opens up to be a dressing room for the doll.
  • The dolls have movable arms.
Set Lady Diva
Set Lady Diva
Set Neonlicious
Set Neonlicious
Set Swag
Set Swag
Set Royal Bee
Set Royal Bee

To begin the collection, MGAE has taken out in this series 1, four dolls:

Lady Diva

LOL Surprise doll Lady Diva


LOL Surprise doll


LOL Surprise doll Neonlicious

Royal Bee

LOL Surprise doll Royal Bee

Unboxing: discovering teenage sisters.

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