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O.M.G. Series 3 Dolls

LOL Surprise O.M.G. Series 3

Who Are The LOL Surprise O.M.G. Series 3 Dolls?

Discover the new O.M.G. Series 3 Dolls fashion from LOL Surprise

As good sisters we are laughing all day long, we also like to move in style like divas and go to the rhythm of our own music, so that everything is even more fun.

We stand out from the crowd and write our own set of rules, because we are here to surprise the world.

The O.M.G. Series 3 Dolls collection is made up of 4 big sisters, let’s get to know them!

What Surprises Will You Find?


Discover the 20 surprises that each doll brings, they come with a totally unique experience when you take it out of the box

You will have to slide the box to develop the photo and biography of each doll, as well as the first set of surprises.

Their sets come ready for you to take them out of their fabulous clothing bags, their shoes have their own shoe box and their hat box contains more accessories.

Continue to reveal the dressing room, where our sisters hang out, ready to dress up in their stylish clothes.

Do you know the O.M.G. Lights dolls?

O.M.G. Series 3 Dolls
  • A fashion doll
  • Accessories
  • Chick suits
  • A pair of shoes
  • Hat box
  • Your bag
  • A hairbrush
  • Wrist support
  • The box that becomes a reusable set.

Arrange them to make a pose so you can show them off in their included doll holder.

With the dresser we can even turn it into a reusable game for the sisters to show off their stuff.

What Are Their Names?

O.M.G. Series 3 Dolls Roller-Chick-Dressing


She has long blue hair, beautiful pink boots and high heels, amazing glasses and an outfit you’ll love. She is the older sister of Queen Bee

Class Price

He is smart, fierce and always likes birthday parties. She is the older sister of Teacher’s Pet

Roller Chick

He likes good vibrations and fast sk8s and impressive glasses. She is the big sister of Roller Sk8er

Da Boss

She has dazzling features, stylish hair, and her own glamorous style. She is the older sister of Boss Queen





Unboxing: Getting To Know The O.M.G. Series 3 Dolls

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