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#OOTD Winter Disco Dolls

#OOTD Winter Disco Dolls

What is #OOTD Winter Disco Dolls?

Discover more than 25 surprises with #OOTD Winter Disco.

Includes an exclusive doll, Snow Jamz, which is ready to strut in the dazzling Winter Disco.

Snow Jamz can’t wait to unveil its fabulous and original winter look collection in a dazzling fashion show on the ice.

Frontal LOL Surprise #OOTD Winter Disco Dolls
Frontal LOL Surprise #OOTD

What surprises will you discover inside?

Interior LOL Surprise #OOTD Winter Disco Dolls
Interior LOL Surprise #OOTD

Follow the numbers below the “ice” for more models, shoes and accessories to create winter looks that will take Snow Jamz from snow day to party.

Aside from the exclusive doll, there are 24 fabulous fashion pieces to open in total, including elegant earmuffs, fabulous dresses, beautiful snow boots and a sheet with stickers.

You can mix and match to create endless combinations of styles.

Unboxing: opening the Outfit Of The Day

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