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Remix Hair Flip Dolls

omg remix hair flip imagen destacada

Discover the new Remix Hair Flip Dolls

Surprise! Let’s get to know the Remix Hair Flip Dolls, a completely new series of music-themed dolls and accessories.

The Remix Hair dolls come in a box with a packaging that resembles a record player.

The new unpacking experience includes a plastic record player with a mini vinyl record that plays a musical frame for each doll.

Help them get the lyrics out of their songs

Remix Hair Flip Dolls

Each character has a unique color, a fabulous “real” hair with a surprise of water that changes color.

In addition these dolls come with their own musical instrument or accessory and a matching themed outfit.

Combine them with the LOL Surprise Remix Pets (sold separately) to create your speaker boombox.

Do you know the Remix Pets Series?

Reveal the collectible mini disc

Put the vinyl in the record player package. Once you have found your doll’s lyrics, help her get ready for the show.

Unwrap a doll with an outrageous hairstyle, remove her hair to reveal a Hair Flip surprise:

Will you discover a new hair color or style?

Collect music and lyrics from all over the LOL Universe. Remix the line to complete the whole song.

Remix Pets3
Remix Hairflip4

Trigger the fashion and musical accessories on each doll, so she’s ready to rock.

Then help them to complete the song! Each doll comes with stickers with the lyrics.

Compare the numbers on the stickers with the numbers on the lyrics sheet to complete the song.

Did you find your doll’s lyrics? Or any other lyrics you haven’t heard yet?

  • 4 Remix Hair Flip Dolls
  • 12 dolls to collect
  • 15 Surprises
  • Surprise song lyrics
  • The record player plays the music with the included mini vinyl disc
  • Includes clothing and accessories
  • A musical instrument, a microphone or an accessory
Remix Hairflip5
Remix Hairflip2

Unboxing: Getting to know the Remix Hair Flip Dolls

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Remix Hair Flip Dolls | Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
omg remix hair flip imagen destacada

Let's get to know the Remix Hair Flip Dolls, a completely new series of music-themed dolls and accessories that comes in a box that resembles a record player.

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