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Remix Pets Dolls

lol surprise remix pets imagen destacada - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!

Discover the new Remix Pets Dolls

The Remix Pets Dolls are all new characters with real hair, and each one represents a musical genre.

The pets want to go to the concert, but no pets are allowed, so they put on new costumes that make them look like dolls.

Now, they can sneak into the show.

They come with a style inspired by music from different genres (Pop, Rock & Roll, R&B Country).

Help them to get the lyrics of their songs

Remix Pets Dolls

These mascots sneak backstage at the last concert, of the Extra Tour, and realize that all the lyrics have been remixed!

Help them by taking the tape out of the cassette to discover the lyrics of their songs from the music player package.

Do you know the B.B.s. All-Star Series?

Compare the numbers on the stickers with the numbers on the lyrics sheet to fill in the lyrics and discover the song. Each pet has its own musical instrument.

Combine them with the LOL Surprise Remix Hair Flip Packs (sold separately) to create your speaker boombox.

Collect music and lyrics from all over the LOL Universe. Remix the line to complete the entire song.

Or mix and match the lyrics to create your own remix.

Remix Pets3 - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!

Remix Pets have 9 surprises

Remix Pets4 - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
  • Suit
  • Tape with the lyrics of the song
  • Bottle
  • Accessories
  • Music box
  • Shoes
  • Cassette
  • Magazine
  • Pet doll or an ultra-rare pet.

Feed or bathe the doll to discover water surprises, including color change!

Collect all 12, including 1 ultra-rare pet character…

Remix Pets5 - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
Remix Pets1 - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!
Remix Pets Dolls

Unboxing: Getting to know the Remix Pets Dolls

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