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Smartwatch Camera and Game

lol surprise smartwatch camera - Universo L.O.L. Surprise!

Meet the new Smartwatch Camera and Game

Meet the new Smartwatch Camera and Game by LOL Surprise, is a fun interactive watch that we can wear on our wrist.

The strap can be used as a stand to use the watch as an alarm clock, we can also set reminders to not forget anything. In addition, the watch strap comes in pink glitter color.

Thanks to its new technology we will be able to connect with our friends’ other LOL Surprise smartwatches.

Customization, creativity and fun to use

Smartwatch Camera and Game

With the new Smartwatch Camera and Game Smartwatch kids can choose from over 50 watch faces and learn to tell time on both analog and digital watch faces.

Learn how to add stickers to each photo and customize the virtual rooms of MC Swag, Queen B, Diva and Neon QT with the new quirky new 2021 fashion accessories.

It features a kid-friendly touch screen and a built-in rechargeable battery with micro-USB cable (included) for easy charging as well as downloading photos and videos.

A full-featured Smartwatch Camera and Game


The LOL Surprise Camera Smartwatch comes with many games included: an active and augmented reality Treasure Hunt game, several learning games, and a dance activity game as well

We will earn interactive rewards and unlock new expressions, fashionable clothes, new pets and other accessories.

It includes a motion sensor in the built-in pedometer for us to use the dance activity games.


Smartwatch with wireless connectivity


With the two built-in cameras we can record videos, take selfies and capture photos.

The LOL Surprise smartwatch and camera can store 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video.

With controlled pairing of devices through wireless connectivity, we can send and receive voice or emoji messages and photos between LOL Surprise Smartwatch devices and our friends’ camera.

Discover the new Smartwatch Camera and Game

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