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Tiny Toys Dolls Series 1

LOL Surprise Tiny Toys Serie 1

Introducing LOL Surprise Tiny Toys?

With L.O.L. Surprise Tiny Toys Dolls! you can give your favorite dolls their own toys to play with once you open the box of 5 surprises.

Each Tiny Toy is a small character, shaped like a robot and of perfect size, which fits all the Tiny Toys dolls perfectly.

The robots come with interchangeable wigs that you can mix and match, and they glow in the dark!

The Series 1 collection is made up of 15 robots but to build your own small version of the 2 in 1 Glamper you’ll need 18.

Box Tiny Toys Serie 1
Box Tiny Toys Serie 1

Which surprises will you find?

Tiny Glamper Dolls
Tiny Glamper Dolls

In this first series each Tiny Toy comes with a unique surprise piece so you can build the tiny caravan in which 3 robots can drive it around town.

It also includes a stackable plastic bucket with a background to store and display your robot collection.

All the cubes can also be connected together to create a giant cube that displays your entire robot collection.

Gather the 15 little robot characters with their wigs and the 18 surprise pieces to build your little Glamper.

Tiny Glamper & Can Do Baby Dolls
Tiny Glamper & Can Do Baby Dolls
Collection Tiny Glamper
Collection Tiny Glamper
The Tiny Toys come with 5 surprises
The Tiny Toys come with 5 surprises
  • Stackable block.
  • Decorative background.
  • Interchangeable wig.
  • Tiny Toy Robot.
  • Caravan piece.

Pull down on the bottom of the box to start enjoying.

You will find two closed bags, one containing the mystery robot and the other a surprise piece.

This piece is part of the robots’ vehicle.

What are their names?

These are the names and the clubs that the first 15 robots of the series 1 belong to.

  • Gamatron Club: MKOVR, Cir-Cut, XOXO and Powder Up.
  • Boog-E 3000: Strobe, Jukebot, Laser
  • Novas: Photon Shine.
  • Get It Done: Help-R, Pour The T, R.R.R. 3000 and iSweep.
  • Outta Space: Orb.I.T., L.U.N.A. and Rocket

Tiny Toys entire collection
Tiny Toys entire collection
Can Do Baby & MKOVR Dolls
Can Do Baby & MKOVR Dolls

Unboxing: meeting the Tiny Toys Dolls

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