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Winter Disco Chalet Dolls

Promo Winter Disco Chalet
Winter Disco Chalet *
L.o.l surprise; winter disco chalet incluye más de 95 sorpresas; Casa de madera, de varios pisos, estilo chalet con 6 habitaciones y 3 pisos

What is the Winter Disco Chalet?

The Winter Disco Chalet is the best destination for a winter vacation.

Hop on the Snow Bus and discover more than 95 surprises, including an exclusive Winter Disco family.

Made of real wood, the L.O.L. Surprise! chalet has 3 floors and 6 rooms, and includes an illuminated ice skating rink, a chairlift that works, a fireplace that really snows, and fits both L.O.L. Surprise! dolls and O.M.G. dolls.

Get ready to relax and dance with all your dolls in the Winter Disco!

What will we find in the chalet?

Playing with the Winter Disco Chalet
Playing with the Winter Disco Chalet

Use the included lights to decorate it and make it shine.

Freeze water at the real ice rink so your dolls can slide and skate.

Then, they can slide down the slide into the jacuzzi to relax a bit.

All B.B.’s will look their best in a winter wonderland, because the fireplace really snows for a fabulous snowy day.

Then you can take a real-functioning chairlift that runs from the first floor to the third floor.

In the first floor is the perfect space for dolls to relax by the fire or do pirouettes under the disco ball.

And the second floor includes a bedroom and a bathroom.

Chairlift Winter Disco Chalet
Chalet Back

The room includes beds that turn into bunk beds, and the bathroom has a sauna and a toilet that emits the sound of the cistern.

The third floor includes a cafeteria and a fabulous terrace for the dolls to enjoy all the views of the mountain.

Enjoy the 360º game because the back of the villa has a winter village setting with extra room to play.

What surprises will you discover inside?

  • An illuminated ice rink.
  • One chair lift that your wrists can mount.
  • A chimney that makes small drops of snow.
  • And jacuzzi with water slide.
  • More than 4 meters of lights that work.
  • Furniture and accessories that light up and make sounds.
  • Cardboard bus to play inside.
  • A new LOL family: Ice Ice Boy, Ice Ice BB and Ice Ice Ice Husky.
  • An exclusive LOL Surprise OMG doll called D.J.
  • 6 rooms to decorate and play.
What's Included in Winter Disco Chalet

Unboxing: visit the Winter Disco Chalet

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